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Dmitri Krioukov dima at krioukov.net
Wed May 3 16:21:00 PDT 2006

please don't worry about that:
we'll have a special unit called tcp:
transmission control police!

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> At first blush, it sounds like law enforecement will hate it,
> due to inability to determine the end-points. :-)
> I need to think about that for a little while... in the meantime,
> I'll read the paper. ;-)
> Cheers,
> - ferg
> -- Jon Crowcroft <Jon.Crowcroft at cl.cam.ac.uk> wrote:
> Its that time of year for a new network architecture - rather 
> than build an overlay on IP
> I reckon the way to build a DOS proof, multipath, resilient 
> network that can function in 
> low or high bandwidth, fixed or mobile, lossy or reliable, 
> connected or disrupted, topologies
> is to built the packet protocol over an overlay - so my bif 
> is to rebuild
> IP on Swarms (initial prototype is IPv6 on bittorrent)
> packet swarming systems are nice because
> i) you go download your packet, so noone can dos you
> ii) topological attacks are hard when you dont know where I 
> am getting the different pieces of the packet from.
> iii) incentive alignment thru the token system enforces 
> approximate symmetry
> iv) multipath is for free and tunable
> v) you still have anonimity if you really want it
> vi) content addressable (pub/sub/ event/notify) is a first 
> class network function
> vii) multicast is for free
> of course IP on bittorrent begs the question of what the 
> bittorrent is on....so 
> that's what the NSF proposal would be about (of course i'm 
> not eligable for
> nsf money:-)
> so this is a free donation to the US NSF proposal writers guild:)
> cheers
> jon
> remember, you have 2 days left to register for REALMAN in Florence:-
> http://www.cl.cam.ac.uk/Research/SRG/netos/realman/
> p.s. if the GENI is out of the lamp, who is making the 3 wishes...?
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