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ACM SenSys 2006 - Call for Participation

The 4th ACM Conference on Embedded Networked Sensor Systems


Boulder, Colorado, USA
October 31 - November 3, 2006

In the short period since its inception in Los Angeles in 2003,  
SenSys has risen to become the leading
forum for reporting on new, exciting, and technically important  
research in the field of sensor networks.

Please note that the cut off dates for the conference hotels and  
early registration are September 29 and October 30, respectively.

This year we have a stellar conference for you that includes:

* A keynote by David Carlson
  Director, International Polar Year Program Office, and formally,  
  Director of the Atmospheric Technology Division of the US National
  Centre for Atmospheric Research (NCAR).

* 24 technical papers

* 29 Sensor network demos

* 19 Posters - representing early results and work-in-progress

* 2 one day workshops on emerging and important new topics in sensor  
  networks. The workshops will be held the day prior to the main
  technical program 

  + First Workshop on World-Sensor-Web: Mobile Device Centric Sensory  
    Networks and Applications

  + First Workshop on Distributed Smart Cameras

Registration is now open:


Important Dates:

Cut off date for reduced hotel rates is *September 29, 2006*

Cut off date for early registration is *October 30, 2006*

Please book and register today to guarantee the best rates.

One behalf of the whole organizing team we very much look forward to  
seeing you at SenSys in Boulder!

Best regards,

Andrew T. Campbell
SenSys 2006 General Chair

Thanks to our sponsors:


NSF, NCAR, ISTS, Crossbow, Intel, Microsoft Research, Moteiv, Nokia

Below you'll find the technical program. Please go to
http://sensys.acm.org/2006/ for more information.

**Technical Program, Demos, and Posters**

Wednesday, November 1

08:15-08:30 Opening announcements

08:30-10:00 Keynote

David Carlson
Director, International Polar Year Program Office

10:00-10:30 Break

10:30-12:00 Operating Systems

t-kernel: Providing Reliable OS Support to Wireless Sensor Networks
Lin Gu, John A. Stankovic (University of Virginia)

Run-time Dynamic Linking for Reprogramming Wireless Sensor Networks
Adam Dunkels, Niclas Finne, Joakim Eriksson, Thiemo Voigt (Swedish  
Institute of Computer Science)

Protothreads: Simplifying Event-Driven Programming of Memory- 
Constrained Embedded Systems
Adam Dunkels, Oliver Schmidt, Thiemo Voigt (Swedish Institute of  
Computer Science), Muneeb Ali (TU Delft)

12:00-13:30 Lunch

13:30-14:30 Sensing

Capturing High-Frequency Phenomena Using a Bandwidth-Limited Sensor  
Ben Greenstein, Christopher Mar, Alex Pesterev, Shahin Farshchi,  
Eddie Kohler, Jack Judy, Deborah Estrin (UCLA)

Virtual High-resolution for Sensor Networks
Aman Kansal, William J. Kaiser, Gregory J. Pottie, Mani B. Srivastava  
(UCLA) and Gaurav Sukhatme (USC)

14:30-15:00 Break

15:00 -16:30 Routing and Dissemination

RBP: Robust Broadcast Propagation in Wireless Networks
Fred Stann (Amgen), John Heidemann, Rajesh Shroff, Muhammad Zaki  
Murtaza (USC/ISI)

Interest Dissemination with Directional Antenna for Wireless Sensor  
Networks with Mobile Sinks
Yihong Wu, Xiaobo Chen, Lin Zhang, Zhisheng Niu (Tsinghua University)

Lazy Cross-Link Removal for Geographic Routing
Young-Jin Kim, Ramesh Govindan (USC), Brad Karp (University Colledge  
London), Scott Shenker (UCB)

**19.00 Banquet at the Walnut Brewery Boulder's Original Brew Pub  
1123 Walnut Street**

Thursday, November 2

09:00-10:00 Configuration

StarDust: A Flexible Architecture for Passive Localization in  
Wireless Sensor Networks
Radu Stoleru, Pascal Vicaire, Tian He, John A. Stankovic (University  
of Virginia)

The Design and Implementation of a Self-Calibrating Distributed  
Acoustic Sensing Platform
Lewis Girod (MIT/CSAIL), Martin Lukac, Vlad Trifa, Deborah Estrin (UCLA)

10:00-10:30 Break

10:30-11:30 In-network Processing

Target Tracking with Binary Proximity Sensors: Fundamental Limits,  
Minimal Descriptions, and Algorithms
Nisheeth Shrivastava, Raghuraman Mudumbai, Upamanyu Madhow, Subhash  
Suri (UCSB)

Data Compression Algorithms for Energy-Constrained Devices in Delay  
Tolerant Networks
Christopher M. Sadler, Margaret Martonosi (Princeton University)

11:30-13:00 Lunch

13:00-14:30 Radio Propagation and Transport

Datalink Streaming in Wireless Sensor Networks
Raghu K. Ganti, Praveen Jayachandran, Tarek F. Abdelzaher, and Haiyun  
Luo (UIUC)

ATPC: Adaptive Transmission Power Control for Wireless Sensor
Shan Lin (University of Virginia), Tian He (University of Minnesota),  
Jingbin Zhang, Gang Zhou, Lin Gu, John A. Stankovic (University of  

Experimental Study of Concurrent Transmission in Wireless Sensor  
Dongjin Son, Bhaskar Krishnamachari (USC), John Heidemann (USC/ISI)

14:30-15:00 Break

15:00-16:30 Storage and Abstractions

Abstractions for Safe Concurrent Programming in Networked Embedded  
William P. McCartney, Nigamanth Sridhar (Cleveland State University)

Scalable Data Aggregation for Dynamic Events in Sensor Networks
Kai-Wei Fan, Sha Liu, Prasun Sinha (The Ohio State University)

An Energy-Optimized Object Storage System for Memory-Constrained  
Sensor Devices
Gaurav Mathur, Peter Desnoyers, Deepak Ganesan, Prashant Shenoy  
(University of Massachusetts, Amherst)

16:30-20:00 Demonstration and poster session

List of accepted demonstrations and posters


Friday, November 3

08:30-10:00 Architecture

CarTel: A Distributed Mobile Sensor Computing System
Bret Hull, Vladimir Bychkovsky, Yang Zhang, Kevin Chen, Michel  
Goraczko, Allen Miu, Eugene Shih, Hari Balakrishnan, Samuel Madden  

MELETE: Supporting Concurrent Applications in Wireless Sensor Networks
Yang Yu, Loren Rittle (Motorola Labs), Jason LeBrun (UCD), Vartika  
Bhandari (UIUC)

The Tenet Architecture for Tiered Sensor Networks
Omprakash Gnawali (USC), Ben Greenstein (UCLA), Ki-Young Jang (USC),  
August Joki (UCLA), Jeongyeup Paek, Marcos Vieira (USC), Deborah  
Estrin (UCLA), Ramesh Govindan (USC), Eddie Kohler (UCLA)

10:00-10:30 Break

10:30-12:00 Media Access Control

Funneling-MAC: A Localized, Sink-Oriented MAC for Boosting Fidelity  
in Sensor Networks
Gahng-Seop Ahn (Columbia University), Emiliano Miluzzo, Andrew T.  
Campbell (Dartmouth College), Se Gi Hong (Columbia University),  
Francesca Cuomo (University of Rome "La Sapienza")

X-MAC: A Short Preamble MAC Protocol for Duty-Cycled Wireless Sensor  
Michael Buettner, Gary V. Yee, Eric Anderson, Richard Han (University  
of Colorado, Boulder)

Ultra-Low Duty Cycle MAC with Scheduled Channel Polling
Wei Ye, Fabio Silva, John Heidemann (USC/ISI)

12:00-12:15 Best Talk Award and Closing


SignetLab: Deployable Sensor Network Testbed and Management Tool
Riccardo Crepaldi, Albert F Harris III, Alberto Scarpa, Andrea  
Zanella, Michele Zorzi (University of Padova)

An Eventual Consistent Wireless Light Control System
Jeonghoon Kang (Korea Electronics Technology Institute), Alec Woo  
(Arch Rock), Junejae Yoo, Myunghyun Yoon (Korea Electronics  
Technology Institute)

Data Analysis Tools for Sensor-Based Science
Stuart Ozer (Microsoft Research), Alex Szalay (Johns Hopkins  
University), Jim Gray (Microsoft Research), Andreas Terzis, Razvan  
Musaloiu-E., Katalin Szlavecz, Josh Cogan, Randal Burns (Johns  
Hopkins University)

Data Collection in Delay Tolerant Mobile Sensor Networks using SCAR
Cecilia Mascolo, Mirco Musolesi, Bence Pasztor (University College  

cCAM: Ultra Compact, High Data-Rate Wireless Sensor Node with a  
Miniature Camera
Chulsung Park, Pai H. Chou (UCI)

Using Grid Technologies to Optimise a Wireless Sensor Network for  
Flood Management
Danny Hughes, Phil Greenwood, Geoff Coulson, Gordon Blair, Barry  
Porter, Paul Grace, Florian Pappenberger, Paul Smith, Keith Beven  
(Lancaster University)

A Funneling-MAC for High Performance Data Collection in Sensor Networks
Gahng-Seop Ahn (Columbia University) Emiliano Miluzzo, Andrew T.  
Campbell (Dartmouth College)

A Storage-centric Camera Sensor Network
Gaurav Mathur, Paul Chukiu, Peter Desnoyers, Deepak Ganesan, Prashant  
Shenoy (University of Massachusetts)

Real-Time Volcanic Earthquake Localization
Geoffrey Werner-Allen, Patrick Swieskowski, Matt Welsh (Harvard  

Low Power, Low Cost, Wireless Camera Sensor Nodes For Human Detection
Jason Schlessman, Jaechang Shim, Ikdong Kim, Yun Cheol Baek, Wayne  
Wolf (Princeton University)

A Unified Architecture for Flexible Radio Power Management in  
Wireless Sensor Networks
Kevin Klues, Guoliang Xing, Chenyang Lu (Washington University)

A Self-Calibrating Distributed Acoustic Sensing Platform
Lewis D Girod (MIT/CSAIL), Martin Lukac (UCLA), Vladimir Trifa  
(EPFL), Deborah Estrin (UCLA)

A Virtualizing OS Kernel for Wireless Sensor Networks
Lin Gu, John A Stankovic (University of Virginia)

Flexible Hardware/Software Platform for Tracking Applications
Junaid Ansari, José Sánchez, Marina Petrova, Janne Riihijärvi,  
Ossi Raivio, Krisakorn Rerkrai, Chirstine Jardak, Frank Oldewurtel,  
Wellens, Lili Wu, Petri Mähönen (RWTH Aachen University)

Simple Sensor Syndiciation
Michael Colagrosso, Wade Simmons, Marianne Graham (Colorado School of  

Responsive and Energy-Efficient Sensor Networking for Real Time  
Location Tracking
Henoc Agbota, Mike Hazas (Lancaster University)

Demonstrating Distributed Signal Strength Location Estimation
Neal Patwari (University of Utah), Alfred O. Hero (University of  

Sensing and Reproducing the Shapes of 3D Objects Using Claytronics
Padmanabhan Pillai, Jason Campbell (Intel Research Pittsburgh)

Cascades: An Extensible Heterogeneous Sensor Networking Framework
Phillip Sitbon, Nirupama Bulusu, Wu-Chi Feng (Portland State University)

LiteOS - A Lightweight Operating System for C++ Software Development  
in Sensor Networks
Qing Cao, Tarek Abdelzaher (UIUC)

GRAIL: General Real-Time Adaptable Indoor Localization
Yingying Chen (Rutgers University), Eiman Elnahrawy (Kordinate LLC),  
John-Austen Francisco, Konstantinos Kleisouris (Rutgers University),  
Xiaoyan Li (Lafayette College), Hongyi Xue (Rutgers University),  
Richard P. Martin (Rutgers University and Kordinate LLC)

A Hierarchical Location Directory Service Across Sensor and IP Networks
Sangeeta Bhattacharya, Chien-Liang Fok, Chenyang Lu, Gruia-Catalin  
Roman (Washington University)

Software Radio Implementation of Short-range
Wireless Standards for Sensor Networking
Thomas Schmid, Tad Dreier, Mani B. Srivastava (UCLA)

The CarTel Mobile Sensor Computing System
Vladimir L Bychkovsky, Kevin Chen, Michel Goraczko, Hongyi Hu, Bret W  
Hull, Allen K Miu, Eugene I Shih, Yang Zhang (MIT)

TOSDev: A Rapid Development Environment for TinyOS
William P McCartney, Nigamanth Sridhar (Cleveland State University)

Step-wise Context Extraction in AoK Mule System
Yuichi Uehara, Masato Mori, Nayuta Ishii (Tokyo Denki University),  
Yoh Shiraishi (The University of Tokyo) Yoshito Tobe (Tokyo Denki  

SensorMap: A Web Site for Sensors World-Wide
Suman Nath, Jie Liu, Jessica Miller, Feng Zhao (Microsoft Research),  
Andre Santanche (UNICAMP)

Mobility Centric Campus Area Sensor Network for Locality Specific  
Mukundan Sridharan, Anish Arora, Rajiv Ramnath, Emre Ertin (The Ohio  
State University)


Routing and Processing Multiple Aggregate Queries in Sensor Networks
Niki Trigoni, Alexandre Guitton, Antonios Skordylis (University of  

Rateless Codes for Data Dissemination in Sensor Networks
Andrew Hagedorn, David Starobinski, Ari Trachtenberg (Boston University)

AMSecure: Secure Link-Layer Communication in TinyOS for IEEE 802.15.4- 
based Wireless Sensor Networks
Anthony D Wood, John A Stankovic (University of Virginia)

Virtual Sensing Range
Emiliano Miluzzo, Nicholas D Lane, Andrew T Campbell (Dartmouth College)

uScan: A Lightweight Two-Tier Global Sensing CoverageDesign
Yu Gu, Tian He (University of Minnesota)

SkiScape Sensing
Shane B. Eisenman (Columbia University), Andrew T. Campbell  
(Dartmouth College)

Channel Surfing: Defending WirelessSensor Networks from Jamming and  
Wenyuan Xu, Wade Trappe, Yanyong Zhang (Rutgers University)

Energy Adaptation Techniques to Optimize Data Delivery in Store-and- 
Forward Sensor Networks
Pei Zhang, Margaret Martonosi (Princeton Unviersity)

A Distributed Reliable Data Transport Strategy for Event Based  
Wireless Sensor Networks
Yuyan Xue, Byrav Ramamurthy, Ying Lu (University of Nebraska - Lincoln)

Lowering Radio Duty Cycle Through Temperature Compensated Timing
Joakim Arfvidsson, Eric Park, Philip Levis (Stanford University)

Collaborative Scheduling of Event Types and Allocation of Rates for  
Wireless Sensor Nodes with Multiple Sensing Units
Hidayet Ozgur Sanli, Hasan Cam (Arizona State University)

Kaizen: Improving Sensor Network Operating Systems
James Horey, Jean-Charles Tournier, Arthur B Maccabe (University of  
New Mexico)

Achieving Realistic Sensing Area Modeling
Joengmin Hwang, Tian He, Yongdae Kim (University of Minnesota)

Is Data-Centric Storage and Querying Scalable?
Joon Ahn, Bhaskar Krishnamachari (USC)

Understanding the Causes of Packet Delivery Success and Failure in  
Dense Wireless Sensor Networks
Kannan Srinivasan (Stanford University), Prabal Dutta, Arsalan  
Tavakoli (UCB), Philip Levis (Stanford University)

WaveScope: A Signal-Oriented Data Stream Management System
Lewis Girod, Kyle Jamieson, Yuan Mei, Ryan Newton, Stanislav Rost,  
Arvind Thiagarajan, Hari Balakrishnan, Samuel Madden (MIT/CSAIL)

Comprehensive Monitoring of CO2 Sequestration in Subalpine Forest  
Ecosystems and its Relation to Global Warming
Lynette L. Laffea, Russ K. Monson, Ryan Manning, Ashly Glasser,  
Richard Han (University of Colorado, Boulder), Steve Oncley, Jielun  
Sun, Sean Burns, Steve Semmer, John Militzer (NCAR)

TINX A Tiny Index Design for Flash Memory on Wireless Sensor Devices
Ajay Mani, Manjunath B Rajashekhar, Philip Levis (Stanford University)

Wireless Sensor Networks for Structural Health Monitoring
Sukun Kim, Shamim Pakzad, David Culler, James Demmel, Gregory Fenves,  
Steve Glaser (UCB), Martin Turon (Crossbow)

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