[e2e] Simulator for wireless network

Craig Partridge craig at aland.bbn.com
Sat Apr 14 18:08:57 PDT 2007

>What would be considered the best network simulator(s) for wireless  
>networks, particularly for TCP experiments?

You've asked a tough question.  Here's my sense of the current world:

    * reviewers of papers generally don't trust any publicly available
      simulator to give accurate predictions of wireless results, except
      in very carefully crafted scenarios (and often not then -- I've
      had papers rejected due to simulation concerns even when I could
      show that the simulation issues had been addressed -- there's that
      much concern).

    * there exist simulators that can be trusted -- they've been verified
      to have results that match what is seen in the wild -- but they are
      proprietary.  The simulator I know of has two useful features: it
      runs the same code in simulation as it does on the actual radios and
      it emulates the wireless communications environment (e.g. signal

    * if you want repeatable experiments that have some grounding in reality
      you'd do best to use an environment like Emulab's 802.11 testbed.

Hope that's useful!


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