[e2e] Simulator for wireless network

Giuseppe Bianchi giuseppe.bianchi at uniroma2.it
Mon Apr 16 02:53:39 PDT 2007

For those interested in tech details and in understanding which 
differences between ideal (standard) and real (implementation) world 
we are here talking about, in addition to the paper pointed out by 
Adam, here is a pointer to a cached version of our incoming infocom 
2007 paper which seems complementary:


  "Experimental assessment of the backoff behavior of commercial IEEE 
802.11b network cards" - specifically deals with MAC/backoff 
differences - power control oddities not yet included in this work


At 11.37 15/04/2007, Adam Wolisz wrote:
>In the WINTECH 2006 workshop The First ACM International Workshop on 
>Wireless Network Testbeds, Experimental evaluation and 
>CHaracterization - one of the MOBICOM 2006 workshops -
>a very interesting paper presents
>"An Empirical ANalysis of Heterogeneity in IEEE 802.11 MAC protocol 
>implementations and it implications"
>Surprisingly enough, besides of a long list of differences which are 
>to be expected _ e.g. rate adaptation
>algorithms are NOT defined by the standard, propreitary solutions 
>have to be used! -  also
>very clear violations of the standard have been observed within 
>products of major manufactureres.

>Giuseppe Bianchi wrote:
>>1. it is not granted that ALL cards will exactly behave as 
>>specified by the 802.11 standard (e.g. some use different 
>>CWmin,  different EIFS, in some cases odd behavior do emerge e.g. 
>>because of possible implementation issues)

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