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Detlef Bosau detlef.bosau at web.de
Fri Apr 20 16:34:24 PDT 2007

I apologize, if some answers are given on your website. However, my 
firefox (Linux) does not survive it. This is presumably not due to your 
site but to my firefox version....... Perhaps, it should start up 
playing this famous Beatles song: "When I get older, loosing my hear..." 
unfortunately not that many year from now.... %-)

Stephan Bohacek wrote:
> Durga,
> As pointed out by several of the earlier responses, RF propagation is
> important for wireless simulation. We have developed a propagation simulator
> that is available for download (http://udelmodels.eecis.udel.edu). The web
> site also includes trace files and other data (e.g., city maps and
> propagation matrices). 

What exactly will I find in this trace files? I would appreciate Block 
Erasure Rates (BLER) :-)
If SNR or C/I is available as well as some mapping, which a computer 
scientist can work with, this would be nice too.

Because I´m still interested in PF scheduling, it would be particularly 
interesting to have traces
- for fast moving users and
- for a number of users sharing the same base station / RNC, wherever 
the MAC scheduling is done in case of common channels.

> You did not state if your interest is in mobile wireless networks or fixed
> wireless networks. If your interest is in mobile wireless networks, we have
> also developed an urban mobility simulator based on a large number of
> surveys (no random waypoint here).

I´m not that much interested in random waypoint modells. During the last 
few years, I got used to look for particular scenarios.
These might sometimes be a bit artificial. However, I think it´s more 
interesting to study particular cases which can lead to problems than to 
look at the average case, which does not mean of course, that this would 
be not interesting. But I´m more attracted by concrete scenarious which 
can lead to structural problems.

> Without a doubt, our simulator is not accurate. Our goal is to give an idea
> of the performance of protocols in realistic urban settings, not to exactly
> predict which packets are lost. There are many aspects of propagation that
> have yet to be included in our model. Currently, we are making measurements
> for propagation models to be included in our next version. Propagation
> modeling (and simulation in general) is a bottomless pit; one can always

...however it´s an extremely important one....
> make better simulators that give more confidence in conclusions draw from
> simulation. The current version of our simulator is only the beginning; we
> intend to be falling down this pit for a while.
I think, this could be extremely interesting.


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