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Stephan Bohacek bohacek at udel.edu
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As pointed out by several of the earlier responses, RF propagation is
important for wireless simulation. We have developed a propagation simulator
that is available for download (http://udelmodels.eecis.udel.edu). The web
site also includes trace files and other data (e.g., city maps and
propagation matrices). 

You did not state if your interest is in mobile wireless networks or fixed
wireless networks. If your interest is in mobile wireless networks, we have
also developed an urban mobility simulator based on a large number of
surveys (no random waypoint here).

Without a doubt, our simulator is not accurate. Our goal is to give an idea
of the performance of protocols in realistic urban settings, not to exactly
predict which packets are lost. There are many aspects of propagation that
have yet to be included in our model. Currently, we are making measurements
for propagation models to be included in our next version. Propagation
modeling (and simulation in general) is a bottomless pit; one can always
make better simulators that give more confidence in conclusions draw from
simulation. The current version of our simulator is only the beginning; we
intend to be falling down this pit for a while.

I hope this helps,


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What would be considered the best network simulator(s) for wireless  
networks, particularly for TCP experiments?


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