[e2e] low latency multicast trees

Jon Crowcroft Jon.Crowcroft at cl.cam.ac.uk
Wed Aug 1 01:35:28 PDT 2007

nowadays we're starting to see soem serious multicast action out there in them thar woods,
so maybe its time to re-visit low latency trees (I know most the stuff is IPTV and single
source/streamed, but someone is gonna wanna do games any day now)

so nowadays we have some pretty good network coordinate systems (often using 13
dimeosnional embeddings etc etc, but pretty good) and though I know the Internet is not a
planar graph (repeat after me: The Internet is Not a Planar Graph), it sure looks like one
a lot of the time. 

so gemoetric centered trees using internet coordinate systems to map where all the leaves
are and all the potential RPs are? anyone tried it

oh, ok, this isn't tcp-friendly... and we don't do routing:)

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