[e2e] [unclassified] Re: end to end arguments in systems design

George Michaelson ggm at apnic.net
Thu Dec 6 10:31:32 PST 2007

> To me, it's like studying the first verse of the Bible for the rest of 
> one's life.  Or assuming that by understanding macadam's manufacturing, 
> marketing, architecture, and construction, one can be an expert on 
> transportation.

Well, there are those who follow their creed so religiously they DO get
stuck at the first book of the bible. All too common. reductionism in
this area is frightening, one could almost say pervasive.

When a US courts system can have a *serious* discussion about the judges
desire to put the 10 commandments on the wall of his court, and articulate
separation of church and state at the same time...

Personally, I thought after 'fiat lux' it went downhill, although that
funny bit about breasts like pomegranates got me through many a boring

There are also those who find it all so hard to take, they don't get to
the end of the book.

There are also those who find the later books vastly inferior (and of
course also those who find them superior), and many have fought and died
on the issues..

But as to Macadam: 

	we *do* say "...when the rubber hits the road ..."

equally, when we get to

	"can't see the wood for the trees"

many of us are looking for the place to put the road, for the rubber.
forgetting that the trees might be rubber trees.


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