[e2e] Are we doing sliding window in the Internet?

Lynne Jolitz lynne at telemuse.net
Sun Jan 7 15:34:05 PST 2007

My comments were in the context of harnessing e2e expertise to make sure that experimental networking changes made in releases considered carefully congestion and fairness. If that cannot be achieved, then the marketplace will prevail, with unpredictable consequences to network performance and reliability.
I'm afraid a discussion of general economic paradigms is off topic. :-)
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> On Sat, 6 Jan 2007, Lynne Jolitz wrote:
> > But that would require people to reach out to others, put skin in the
> > game, and take a risk. It requires trust and mutual respect. It's much
> > easier to complain and expect someone else to do the work. And it's much
> > easier to ignore complaints because there is too much work to do
> > already.
> > And that's why the marketplace is the default. It's not the best
> > solution, but it is a solution.
> Lynne - I think you meant "commercial" vs "community", not "market" 
> vs "collective".  The oft-repeated notion that there's anything superior 
> to market is complete nonsense.
> Market is *any* kind of voluntary exchange and cooperation.  That
> includes contributing resources and labor in order to gain social status,
> reputation, or sense of belonging to a community.  Not all goods are
> material, and not all exchanges in a marketplace are intermediated with
> money (or can be priced).  There's really no boundary between "for-profit"
> and "non-profit"  activities, and in the real-life commerce every activity
> includes both - one gains not only profit, but also reputation,
> recognition and such.
> Everything else (i.e. tax-funded projects, work required by law, etc) is
> fundamentally involuntary and cannot exist without threats of violence
> towards non-cooperators or simply those who disagree.
> This reduction to fundamentals not only shows that the market is the best
> solution; it clearly shows that it is the only possible ethical solution.
> Sorry for the off-topic.
> --vadim

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