[e2e] any source unicast

Randy Bush randy at psg.com
Sun Jan 14 10:33:31 PST 2007

> [interestingly, amusingly, some display devices let you disable
> HDCP - a bit like the DVD players that turn of region control:) -
> basically, in a free market, someone is gonna work around this
> godawful stupidity, then everyone will eventually follow.]

the lawyers will follow.  and the us congress will follow the
industry lobbiests.  and the other govts will follow the us

> Why is this relevant end-to-end?  well this ought to be obvious,
> but if not, let me spell it out ...


> but the whole "triple play" by telecos to pull TV, Telephone and
> Internet into one box, seems to be more and more predicated on a
> fundamental misdirection of the world.
> this is not about QoS - this is about lockin.

they do not see this as misdirection, quite the opposite.  they
see it as cleaning up the layer 8/9 disaster created by the
free-for-all open connectivity of the pre-circuit internet.


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