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Jon Crowcroft Jon.Crowcroft at cl.cam.ac.uk
Sun Jan 14 23:44:35 PST 2007

In missive <17834.30587.611439.898650 at roam.psg.com>, Randy Bush typed:

 >>> this is not about QoS - this is about lockin.
 >>they do not see this as misdirection, quite the opposite.  they
 >>see it as cleaning up the layer 8/9 disaster created by the
 >>free-for-all open connectivity of the pre-circuit internet.

yes, so thats what you get when you let lawyers re-design your net:

1/ a system that is exponentially less efficient than the copy net we now have.

2/ a system of intellectual property protection that maximises revenue for a
small (oligopoly/cartel) number of palyers and actually reduces the overal
profitability of the business of content

3/ a system that invents concepts of ownership that were made up recently and
didnt exist for millenia when copying was actually valuble

4/ a system that didn't ake into account that :
i) the internet is efficient
ii) lack of copy protection in the net is a no-op - 
just as with any aspect of security, 
copy protection, if and only if you want it, is an end-to-end matter -
preventing copying in a copy technology is an oxymoron

iii) there is actually virtually no evidence that the fact of a 
near zero-cost copy system is actually harming content profits - 
most of the papers that look at scientific evidence on music, film, games 
and other content profits
and internet or other based piracy (and I've read a lot) 
are at most, equivical, and many show the obvioius, 
that free copies are free advertising, and boost legit sales, 
provided the low copy cost is _passed on to the consumer_ - 
iv) the vandelism of this circuit technology is that it prevents the passing of
this efficiency on to the commercvial consumer and prevents the non commercial
consumer from free copies of things which were created for public good.

the CTO of Time warner gave a talk here a couple of summers back where he was
challenged about copy technologies (audio cassette, vhs, etc) - 
he said that people in the film business  were NEVER against lower copy cost
as they were in the content business, not in the pressing plastic and postal
business - he looked forward to using video bittorrent so that 
film directos and publishers could take blockbuster AND netflix out of the

This technology flies in the face of that position, and I bet people like him
will be very very annoyed when it sinks in where the digital tv 
lawyer-led lunacy is leading



p.s. end-to-end copy protection rather than hop-by-hop - think about it:
you know it makes cents.

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