[e2e] A simple scenario. (Basically the reason for the sliding window thread ; -))

Detlef Bosau detlef.bosau at web.de
Wed Jan 17 12:50:12 PST 2007

Joe Touch wrote:
>> In other words: I restrict the use of split boxes to scenarios where
>> there is no other path. Either the flow passes the box - or the flow
>> passes away.
> I do not agree that you have control over this restriction.

When a network operator places a splitting box into a base station for a 
mobile or an earth station for a satellite, why shouldn´ t he have 
control over that? At least the network operator who does the technical 
design and implementation should have control over that.

> ...
>> Practically spoken: If the word "splitter" appears in the abstract of a
>> paper submission, please don´t reject it immediately. Please read at
>> least the introduction ;-)
> A key aspect of such a review is whether the assumptions are realistic.
> I do not consider "control over path", as above, a realistic assumption
> for splitters you do not control.


However, if we consider a mobile in a mobile wireless network the 
network´s infratstructure is completely under control by the network 


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