[e2e] A simple scenario. (Basically the reason for the sliding window thread ; -))

Joe Touch touch at ISI.EDU
Wed Jan 17 12:51:55 PST 2007

Detlef Bosau wrote:
> Joe Touch wrote:
>>> In other words: I restrict the use of split boxes to scenarios where
>>> there is no other path. Either the flow passes the box - or the flow
>>> passes away.
>> I do not agree that you have control over this restriction.
> When a network operator places a splitting box into a base station for a
> mobile or an earth station for a satellite, why shouldn´ t he have
> control over that? At least the network operator who does the technical
> design and implementation should have control over that.

Sure; if you're the exclusive path to the rest of the net, that's true.
But you still haven't explained how such a splitter would help better
than a non-spoofing PEP or a proxy, or why you need a splitter instead
of those alternatives.


Joe Touch
Sr. Network Engineer, USAF TSAT Space Segment

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