[e2e] Collaboration on Future Internet Architectures

Jon Crowcroft Jon.Crowcroft at cl.cam.ac.uk
Tue May 1 23:40:07 PDT 2007

virtualization could be a very good thing for solving one past and one future

1/ some people have claimed that one can build many-to-many multihop radio
systems that offer more capacity as the number of nodes join. If this is true,
this can operate within quite a narrow band (e.g. ISM) and should be sufficient
for a very long time. If we can show its true in that band, other bands can
follow - within regions we still need to multipelx spectrum in some hard non
liquid (dave reed) way just til some of the technology is better  the identifiers
and management of this could be done through Virtual Private Wireless Channel
Idenfiers which might use some name space we have seen before

2/ some people claim that IPv6 will never deploy in the core, and that we have to
live with IPv4 core networks even thugh practically all significant end systems
are IPv6 capable. on the other hand other people have looked at the net and
decided that one of the big problems is that receivers can be sent data from just
about anywhere even though their kinship groups are relalyl quite limited. what
we need is a virtual private IPv4 internet per kinship group, and the VPII
(Virtual Private Internet Identifier, yes it does sound like a VPI in ATM speak:)
would be the IPv6 provider number (yes this isn't new, but i thought i'd spell it

of course, with plutarch, all this would be easy, but its taking us longer to
code than we expected:-)

 >>A vital part of this effort concerns fostering collaboration and
 >>consensus-building among researchers working on future global network
 >>architectures. To this end, NSF has created a FIND Planning Committee
 >>that works with NSF to organize a series of meetings among FIND grant
 >>recipients structured around activities to identify and refine
 >>overarching concepts for networks of the future. As part of the research
 >>we leave open the question of whether there will be one Internet or
 >>several virtualized Internets.

I made some comments on FIND in a podcast given by the guardian newspaper online
people - linked froom iTunes podcast stuff (its free) or probably findable via

p.s. is this what they mean by being poleaxed:

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