[e2e] It's all my fault

John Wroclawski jtw at ISI.EDU
Wed May 16 17:10:13 PDT 2007

At 3:38 PM -0700 5/16/07, Vadim Antonov wrote:
>On Wed, 16 May 2007, Ken Calvert wrote:
>>  You are right, one can contemplate.  But as soon as one
>>  starts talking about it, lots of folks with a firm grasp of
>>  the status quo start saying it'll never work, there's no
>>  market for it, etc.
>Here you see the division between engineers who design and build things
>which make economic sense and academics who think of pure Platonic
>technology existing in economic vacuum.


This and your previous notes miss the point.

The people mentioned in this conversation who are proposing 
user-driven path selection models are, as a general rule, also 
proposing that the providers benefit when they are selected - ie, 
some economic or payment mechanism.

The reason a provider might appreciate this is precisely to get 
*away* from the commodity business that packet delivery (to use your 
words) is today. If there is no technical mechanism for attracting 
users with enhanced service and receiving a benefit for doing so, 
there is no hope of being anything other than a commodity. If there 
is, there is.

The fact that the current Internet design largely decouples many 
providers from their ultimate customers, economically and 
technically, is both a strength and a weakness. What it is not is the 
only possible, or economically astute, answer.


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