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Joe Touch touch at ISI.EDU
Fri May 18 09:00:37 PDT 2007

rick jones wrote:
>> I'm advocating very loose source routing here.  The key to this is
>> diversity.  That diversity can come from knowing one host on each of
>> several nearby ISPs, to "force" your traffic onto that AS.
> Another naive question from the peanut gallery - can one actually do
> loose source routing with _hosts_  as the IPs in the list rather than
> routers?  Or perhaps I should say with "customer hosts?" 

Yes, we can and we do:

	- peer to peer nets
		pushes routing into the app layer, but then requires
		reimplementing the entire stack there as well

	- overlays
		hosts - or routers - can participate as nodes in a
		routed network, where that routing is hidden from
		the base (existing) network by tunnels
		(as others have pointed out, see www.isi.edu/xbone)

It's more efficient to move this function into the core of the network,
both to share resources, and because moving things out to the edge is
costly in terms of BW and delay (see any of the Active Nets papers on
this issue).


Joe Touch
Sr. Network Engineer, USAF TSAT Space Segment

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