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 May we request you to widely circulate the CF Participation of ACM SenSys

ACM SenSys 2007: Call for Participation

The 5th ACM Conference on Embedded Networked Sensor Systems
November 6-9, 2007
Sydney, Australia


The 5th ACM Conference on Embedded Networked Sensor Systems (SenSys) is a
highly selective, single-track forum for the presentation of research
results on systems issues in the area of embedded, networked sensors.
Distributed systems based on networked sensors and actuators with embedded
computation capabilities enable an instrumentation of the physical world at
an unprecedented scale and density, thus enabling a new generation of
monitoring and control applications. This conference will provide an ideal
venue to address the research challenges facing the design, deployment, use,
and fundamental limits of these systems. Sensor networks require
contributions from many fields, from wireless communication and networking,
embedded systems and hardware, distributed systems, data management, and
applications, the papers will cover cross-disciplinary work.

*Keynote Speaker*: Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Seth Goldstein (CMU), "On the Path Towards Programmable Matter"

*Workshops*: Tuesday, 6 November 2007

This year two workshops on current emerging topics in sensor networks will
be held in conjunction with SenSys. In addition, there is a Doctoral

SenseID: Convergence of RFID and Wireless Sensor Networks and their

Sensing on Everyday Mobile Phones in Support of Participatory Research

SenSys Doctoral Colloquium

*"Soap Box" Talks*:

A series of 5 minute talks providing strong, controversial, and/or
outrageous opinions on a topic within the scope of SenSys, e.g., direction
the field should/should not take, future predictions, etc.

*SenSys 2007 Organizing Committee:*

General Chair: Sanjay Jha (U. New South Wales)
Program Co-Chairs: Phillip B. Gibbons (Intel Research), Akos Ledeczi
Poster Co-Chairs: Nirupama Bulusu (Portland State), Rachel Cardell-Oliver
(U. Western Australia)
Demo Co-Chairs: Suman Nath (Microsoft Research), Max Ott (NICTA, Australia)
Workshop Chair: Andreas Savvides (Yale)
Student Award Chair: Alberto Cerpa (UC Merced)
Local Arrangements Chairs: Subhash Challa (U. Technology, Sydney), Salil
Kanhere, (U. New South Wales)
Publicity Co-Chairs: Rajeev Shorey (GM Research, India), Guoqiang Mao (U.
Web Chair: Wen Hu (CSIRO, Australia)
Registration Chair: Ren Liu (CSIRO, Australia)
Publications Chair: Adam Dunkels (SICS)
Finance Chair: Chun Tung Chou (U. New South Wales)
Steering Committee Chair: John Heidemann (USC)

*Program Committee*:

Tarek Abdelzaher (UIUC), Gaetano Borriello (U. Washington), Andrew Campbell
(Dartmouth), Peter Corke (CSIRO, Australia), Richard Han (U. Colorado), Tian
He (U. Minnesota), John Heidemann (USC), Ted Herman (Iowa), Polly Huang
(National Taiwan U.), Brad Karp (U. College London), Phil Levis (Stanford),
Jie Liu (Microsoft Research), Chenyang Lu (Washington U. in St. Louis), Sam
Madden (MIT), Miklos Maroti (U. Szeged, Hungary), Margaret Martonosi
(Princeton), Lama Nachman (Intel Research), Kay Römer (ETH Zurich), Mani
Srivastava (UCLA), John Stankovic (U. Virginia), Subhash Suri (UCSB), Thiemo
Voigt (SICS, Sweden)


*Corporate sponsors: *

Silver:   Intel, UNSW, ACORN, CSIRO

Bronze: AARNet, NICTA, Archrock, Google, Crossbow

All details regarding ACM SenSys 2007, including Preliminary Program,
Workshops and Registration can be seen at the following URL:  *
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