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Mahesh Balakrishnan mahesh at cs.cornell.edu
Fri Apr 18 17:11:29 PDT 2008

In fact there seems to be pushback from both ends --- we can't deploy
end-to-end protocols because major companies own the end-host stacks; and we
can't push mechanisms deep into the network because ISPs and router companies
own the network. Arguably the latter source of pushback played a major role
in the emergence of the e2e philosophy; but now we have equally powerful
commercial forces on the other side.

So effectively the only practical mode of deployment seems to be the 'almost'
end-to-end middlebox --- one hop away from the end-host but not quite into
the network (and the Maelstrom work I presented day before yesterday at NSDI
would be one example).

- mahesh


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I personally think that the network community has become frustrated with 
the inability to explore end-to-end protocols because the endpoint 
stacks are "locked in" by vendors in proprietary code.

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