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Greetings David,

On 18/04/2008, David P. Reed <dpreed at reed.com> wrote:
> I agree that minor tweaks to the TCP standard are adopted as long as the
> Major Company's programmers are the ones who act as gatekeeprs.  However,
> that's like what AT&T Bell Labs used to say when they disparaged the
> Internet Experiment in the 1980's
>  All of this puts grit in the gears of innovation by requiring that
> innovators "get permission" from those who want to preserve their market
> power.

Yes, but there is a big difference.  AT&T wanted to regulate what
other people did on AT&T's network, whereas the particular Major
Company I was referring to is not telling other people what to do.  It
is just refraining from itself deploying technology that it has found
to give its customers grief (like ECN or Window Scaling packets being

>  If you have no hope of deploying most innovations without bargaining with
> Major Co., then why bother doing research?

If it is truely end-to-end, then I don't think any Major Co. needs to
be involved.  Just ask the P2P community.


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