[e2e] end of interest

Randy Bush randy at psg.com
Sun Apr 20 05:07:49 PDT 2008

> p2p v. isp: this is standard value chain stuff.

[ apologies, but you have triggered a rant i have been foaming about for
  some years ]

this characterization, while historically true, is the root of a major
mistake.  big content owners (note that, unlike the internet model, they
were not the content creators) helped create this polarization and lobby
heavily to maintain and expand it as much as possible.

in fact, it is bleedin' insane for isps to position against what the
customer wants.  if you can not provide the customer what they want and
still keep some margin, then your business model is broken, you should
not be in business, and soon will not be, unless you manage to get the
lawyers and the government to tilt the billiards table.

the isps, instead of making the p2p software authors think they have to
work around and evade the topology, should help the p2p software
discover how to most efficiently utilize the actual topology, to find
the closest and most efficient neighbors, use the less congested paths, etc.

this would be a win for the customer, who gets faster more efficient
service, for the isp, whose bandwidth is used more efficiently, for the
p2p software author, as their product looks darned good, and for the big
content owners, who will be forced to enter the current century even sooner.

some isps have heard this over the last few years, and are working with
p2p authors.  but i think this is mostly in asia, not the states or
europe, or south.

sorry to rant on.  you pushed an old hot button.  delete this message
and spend the time reading john day's latest again.


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