[e2e] Are we doing sliding window in the Internet?

Lloyd Wood L.Wood at surrey.ac.uk
Sun Jan 6 15:58:15 PST 2008

At Friday 04/01/2008 14:10 -0800, Joe Touch wrote:

>This sounds a lot like you're interested in participating in an
>experiment where you don't know the impact. Does that seem like a good
>idea to you?


It's called 'life', and I participate in it every day. I'd like to put off the alternative as long as possible, thankyouverymuch.

>> Is that any different than running CUBIC between PlanetLab nodes and
>> users on PCs in academic computer networking research labs?
>Those users knew they were running experiments, and knew when they were
>over. Deploying CUBIC in public distributions lets the experiment out
>into thw wild, and is no longer a controlled, voluntary participation

Wow, you must have been really steamed about the development and release of rlogin and the rtools.


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