[e2e] Detlef and Opportunistic Scheudling. was: Re: Once again: Detlef and Latencies :-)

Detlef Bosau detlef.bosau at web.de
Fri Jan 11 09:14:46 PST 2008

Lloyd Wood wrote:
> Can't you just write up a paper like everyone else and submit it for publication?
Certainly I can.

But despite of the fact, that I actually don´t know where to publish it 
(I cannot afford a conference paper because I simply don´t have the 
money) I would like to get some feedback whether anybody is interested 
in this work.

However, I got the first feedback just some minutes ago. I will not 
quote this here in the public, because it was extremely frustrating.

I don´t have the privilege to discuss my work with anybody. And 
therefore, before I submit a paper, wait a quarteer of a year for the 
feedback, which is most likely a "reject" because I´m not an experienced 
writer, I dared to talk about my work here. And if there are questions 
or criticism, I can consider it and correct my work. Perhaps, it would 
be accepted then.

And if someone thinks, I can submit it to a journal, I would appreciate 
a hint which journal would be appropriate.

As you perhaps remember, I´m just an unemployed guy with hardly any 
contact to the academic world and not very experienced in writing. So, 
if your intention was to encouage a paper: You perfectly managed to hide 
it ;-)

I´m looking for an opportunity to talk about my work.

And I hoped, it would be not too much "off topic" here.

If I was wrong, I apologize.


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