[e2e] Why do we need TCP flow control (rwnd)?

David P. Reed dpreed at reed.com
Wed Jul 2 04:28:08 PDT 2008

Detlef Bosau wrote:
> So, is this more one of the exercises for a TOEFFL? (Example question: 
> What's the meaning of "Mrs. Jones is out of coffee.") Or do we have a 
> congestion problem at the coffee machine? And how should we implement 
> a "packet drop" then?
Forgive my cultural insensitivity, Detlef.  I don't know how or if the 
Superbowl in the US translates to an analogous experience in, say, 
Gernany.  Or what a culture that might drink coffee in small highly 
concentrated cups made only one at a time via steam might do that is 
analogously synchronized.

It would be presumptuous of me to assume that the World Cup of Soccer 
(Football) has inspired television centered parties where women don't 
watch but just serve unending streams of ice-cold beer in cans to "their 
men" sitting on couches, who then converge on the single bathroom in the 
apartment for rapid elimination.

(My naive American centered view is that Europeans don't sit around in 
parties in the same way - many seem to hang out in bars, where TV 
commercial breaks are far less bottlenecked at the toilet).

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