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John Day day at std.com
Thu May 1 14:08:51 PDT 2008

At 9:56 -0400 2008/05/01, Craig Partridge wrote:
>In message <a0624083cc43e2670f2b6@[]>, John Day writes:
>>Have a question.  All of this innovative new research you are seeing.
>>What sort?
>>  ...
>>Can you prove me wrong?  I hope! ;-)
>Hi John:
>I'd describe the research as being along trajectories -- that is, clumps
>of potential that might gell into something really nifty:
>* Programmable physics -- how your network device (radio, electrical or
>   optical) behaves on its medium is entirely a result of software -- you
>   can change behavior [signal power, modulation, coding, MAC layer] in
>   an instant.  The work of all those IEEE 802.* committees becomes
>   a matter loading a bit of software.
>* Knowing more while measuring less -- we're making tremendous progress
>   on this front (trajectory sampling, principal component analysis on
>   sparse traces, etc).
>* Re-examining the middle of the network -- the best example here is what
>   if the router has a 100 GB hard drive in it -- and we view the contents
>   of the hard drive as entirely "soft" (can be lost in an instant).
>   Can we do nifty things?  [cf. DTN (which views the drive as reliable,
>   but similar vein), Van's talk @ Google, etc.]

I think I saw that.  Was that the one where at the beginning he 
called for a Copernican revolution in networking and then at end he 
said don't bother touching TCP and below?

>* Energy efficiency -- in this case I worked on an energy efficient radio
>   project and discovered there's very little literature on saving
>   energy in networks. (What are the design principles for an energy
>   efficient transport protocol?  Turns out that is a non-trivial and
>   often counter-intuitive problem that has you looking at old ARQ work...)

So I take it from this list you don't see much in the way of new 
fundamental results coming out of FIND or any of this "new 
architecture" stuff?

Take care,

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