[e2e] end of interest

Craig Partridge craig at aland.bbn.com
Thu May 8 13:23:34 PDT 2008

In message <a0624081bc43fe0cb0d50@[]>, John Day writes:

>At 9:56 -0400 2008/05/01, Craig Partridge wrote:

>>* Re-examining the middle of the network -- the best example here is what
>>   if the router has a 100 GB hard drive in it -- and we view the contents
>>   of the hard drive as entirely "soft" (can be lost in an instant).
>>   Can we do nifty things?  [cf. DTN (which views the drive as reliable,
>>   but similar vein), Van's talk @ Google, etc.]
>I think I saw that.  Was that the one where at the beginning he 
>called for a Copernican revolution in networking and then at end he 
>said don't bother touching TCP and below?

I don't think it said don't bother touching TCP and below so much as said
they don't matter.  That's certainly what Van said in a more recent talk.
And I think it is right -- if you think you have a game changing paradigm
that can work over existing stuff but might work better over new stuff,
focus on your core idea -- if it works, the rest of the network will
morph to support it.

>>* Energy efficiency -- in this case I worked on an energy efficient radio
>>   project and discovered there's very little literature on saving
>>   energy in networks. (What are the design principles for an energy
>>   efficient transport protocol?  Turns out that is a non-trivial and
>>   often counter-intuitive problem that has you looking at old ARQ work...)
>So I take it from this list you don't see much in the way of new 
>fundamental results coming out of FIND or any of this "new 
>architecture" stuff?

As I understand it, FIND is pushing a different axis -- it is looking
at architectural issues raised by the innovative research.


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