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Joe Touch touch at ISI.EDU
Fri May 9 14:17:47 PDT 2008


John Day wrote:
> Joe,
> There is nothing wrong with overlays.   I said nothing bad about 
> overlays.  But like many things overlays can't turn a sow's ear into a 
> silk purse.
> What I did imply was it would be a mistake to think that overlays could 
> fix fundamental underlying problems.  Microsoft believed (or at least 
> seemed to) for some number of years that that they could simply overlay 
> windows on DOS.  They finally realized that that was not going to work. 
> You can overlay all you want as long as are building on a solid base.
> In fact, I would even argue that think of overlays as merely an 
> *addition* to the architecture is a merely continuing down a blind alley.

Agreed. I view the current Internet as a 1-dimensional view of overlays, 
where overlays add dimensions; those added dimensions expose some 
'defaults' in the current architecture that need to be parameterized 
(e.g., grouping of interfaces, both in the host and router, into strong 
and weak host model groups).

There are some underlying problems that overlays do address, but not 
all, as you note.


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