[e2e] end of interest

Rajesh Krishnan rkrishnan at comcast.net
Fri May 9 18:58:45 PDT 2008


> We have know what the incompleteness 
> were for 30 years.  We simply put off solving them long enough that 
> the newbies don't know they are out there.

I think it will be good for us newbies to hear these fundamental
problems recounted.  Knowing the problems, we could ask ourselves as
Hamming urged: "What are the most important problems in our field, and
why are we not working on them?" 

(On the other hand, if as you suggest below, our education turns out to
be inadequate to solve those problems, we may still be able to pass it
along to the next generation in an oral tradition. :)

> We educated a generation of engineers as technicians and called them

It is interesting (or should that be depressing?) to note that Van makes
a similar point about wasted graduate student time in his talk.

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