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Joe Touch touch at ISI.EDU
Wed Nov 12 11:23:32 PST 2008

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FWIW, I don't see DHTs as addressing this issue. Directories do address
the issue, and DHTs are one way to implement directories. They have some
advantages (dispersing load), and some disadvantages (destroying
structure in the information of the directory that could be used to
anticipate or cache information), but they seem irrelevant per se to the
overall issue.


Ali Ghodsi wrote:
> Michael Welzl wrote:
>> Location dependance, which even the "id" part should
>> have (at least in the form of some concept of "nearness").
> Sorry, not sure I understand. Do you mean that DHTs have strong
> connectivity requirements (e.g. nodes should be able to communicate with
> their direct successors on the ring etc)? In that case, there are DHTs
> which relax these requirements, e.g. small-world DHTs (Oscar, Symphony)
> and those that don't have a ring or lattice (P-grid, FuzzyNets, Kelips).
> Or do you mean that DHTs do not route efficiently because they ignore
> latencies (what's called stretch, or proximity awareness, or locality by
> the DHT folks). Or perhaps neither :).
> Regards,
> Ali
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