[e2e] TCP improved closing strategies?

William Allen Simpson william.allen.simpson at gmail.com
Wed Aug 19 09:55:40 PDT 2009

David P. Reed wrote:
> Since you persist in being a jerk, Mr. Simpson, I suggest you ask 
> someone who actually was involved what role I played in the "crypto 
> wars" (a small one, but an important one, I think, which legitimized 
> public key crypto in the broad public market), and what role I played in 
> attempting to get TCP (the original version) made cryptographically 
> secure from the beginning when I was working to try to get Steve Kent's 
> work into the original standard, despite NSA opposition.
Since you persist in being a jerk, Mr. Reed....

I was actually involved, and I don't remember your running code.  Or quite
frankly, your involvement large or small.  However, I'm not good at names,
perhaps I'd remember your face.

My first TCP/IP implementation was started circa 1979-1980 (the PE 7/16),
to complement the bisync that came with the OS, and the X.25 that I'd done
to talk to the satellite communications coming in from the field weather
transmitters for the Integrated Pest Management project.

I got the documents from Chris Wendt at Merit, where they were working on
their implementation.  I don't remember any crypto in them.  Perhaps that
wasn't forwarded to me by Merit....  Or by somebody to Merit.

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