[e2e] TCP Loss Differentiation

Xai Xi xaixili at live.com
Tue Feb 10 12:19:47 PST 2009

are you saying that a congestion-based loss process cannot be modeled or predicted? a tool, badabing, from sigcomm'05, claims to be highly accurate in measuring end-to-end loss processes.

David wrote:
> A "loss process" would be a mathematically more sound term, because it 
does not confuse> the listener into thinking that there is a simplistic, 
memoryless, one-parameter model that> can be "discovered" by TCP's 
control algorithms.
> That said, I was encouraging a dichotomy where the world is far more 
> congestion drops vs. connectivity drops.  One *might* be 
able to make much practical 
> headway by building a model and a theory of 
"connectivity drops".

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