[e2e] TCP goodput as a function of connection count

Tim Dorcey tim at ivisit.com
Sat Apr 3 11:45:41 PDT 2010

Is anyone aware of theoretical or empirical results regarding tcp goodput as
function of the number of independent tcp connections sharing a link?  I
have seen arguments in favor of the increased parallelism that distributed
transports like bittorrent offer.  But, what does parallelism buy in a
time-sharing environment?  I would expect nothing is gained by 10
simultaneous file transfers each using 10% of 10 different paths, versus
each using 100% of its own path.

Taking this argument a little further is TCP biased toward too much
fairness?  If there are 10 equal size "jobs" to be done, doing them in
parallel insures that none complete sooner than the worst case if they were
done sequentially.  I guess given mix of big and small jobs, perhaps not
much is lost by treating everything as small job?


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