[e2e] Narada: what does the "refresh message" mean?

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Sat Apr 17 20:32:35 PDT 2010

Hi everyone, I'm currently learning p2p essentials(routing overlay,
application layer multicast schemes, etc.) and choose narada as my first
studying material. Now, I have a question about the refresh message
mentioned in the paper "A Case for End System Multicast" ------ what is the
content of the message? only the sequence number or the list of entry that
represent the group membership or both ?

Several places in the paper metioning the notion "refresh message" which I'm
confused of are:
1) paragraph two of section III-A : "To handle this, we require that each
member periodically generate a *refresh message* with monotonically
increasing sequence number,
which is disseminated along the mesh." ------ I think it refer to a message
containing only sequence number here
2) figure 3. and its description: "Actions taken by a member i on receiving
a refresh message from member j." ------ I think it refer to a message
containing a list representing the group member ship here.
Seems contradictory in these places, so what does "refresh message" really

by the way, does any one have an implementation of narada?
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