[e2e] TCP implementations in various OS's

Hagen Paul Pfeifer hagen at jauu.net
Mon May 10 15:17:12 PDT 2010

* Anoop Ghanwani | 2010-05-07 14:24:28 [-0700]:

>Is there a website that lists out TCP implementation
>details (such as default window scale, whether or not 
>SACK is implemented/enabled, etc.) by OS?
>Right now I'm mainly interested in the Window Scale
>option, but I'm sure there'll be a time when I'm
>interested in some other parameter.

You can reverse engineer nmap's OS database [0], especially results catched
in T1 are of interest. So you get a nearly complete image of the window scale
option used in the wild.

Cheers, Hagen

TIP: use perl, read in paragraph mode, split the paragraph into a array via
split at newline boundaries and use a REGEX to filter the relevant infos.

[0] /usr/share/nmap/nmap-os-db

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