[e2e] TCP Performance with Traffic Policing

Barry Constantine Barry.Constantine at jdsu.com
Fri Aug 12 07:03:37 PDT 2011


I did some testing to compare various TCP stack behaviors in the midst of traffic policing.

It is common practice for a network provider to police traffic to a subscriber level agreement (SLA).

In the iperf testing I conducted, the following set-up was used:

Client -> Delay (50ms RTT) -> Cisco (with 10M Policing) -> Server

The delay was induced using hardware base commercial gear.

50 msec RTT and bottleneck bandwidth = 10 Mbps, so BDP was 62,000 bytes.

Ran Linux, Windows XP, and Windows 7 clients at 32k, 64k, 128k window (knowing that policing would
kick in at 64K)

               Throughput for Window (Mbps)

Platform              32K        64K        128K
Linux                     4.9         7.5         3.8
XP                          5.8         6.6         5.2
Win7                     5.3         3.4         0.44

Do anyone have experience with the intricacies of the various OSes in the midst of
Traffic policing?  I was surprised to see such a variation in performance, especially since Windows 7 is supposed to more advanced than XP,

I am going to comb through the packet captures, but wondered if anyone had insight.

Thank you,

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