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John Sage jsage at finchhaven.com
Fri Aug 19 12:12:02 PDT 2011

On 11-08-19 09:09 AM, Detlef Bosau wrote:
> On 08/19/2011 04:49 PM, Hagen Paul Pfeifer wrote:
>> In my opinion there will always be a race between Standardization bodies
>> like IETF and real world networking stacks. With one important attribute:
>> respect.
> There must not be a "race" like this.
> Perhaps we cannot really agree on this one, however engineering science
> is not a race or a competition.
> It is proper science which either obeys proper rules or ends up as pure
> botch.

I've been reading this thread for some time now, for some reason.

The Oxford Dictionary of the English Language defines  a "pedant" as one 
being excessively concerned with minor details and rules or with 
displaying academic learning.

I would imagine that you find it very, very difficult to pass through 
the real world, inhabited with real human beings who do not match up to 
your standards of "pure rules" and where the only apparent alternative 
is "botch".

Good luck with that.

You'll need it.

- John
John Sage

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