[e2e] calculated SNR traces?

Hagen Paul Pfeifer hagen at jauu.net
Tue Dec 20 11:59:08 PST 2011

* Detlef Bosau | 2011-12-20 18:58:51 [+0100]:

>Is there no one to get in touch with?
>I'm not quite sure, how anyone can deal with TCP/IP in wireless
>networks, when there is no one to know anything reliable about
>wireless channels.
>Perhaps, one could give me a hint, where I could find people to talk
>to about these things?

Some time ago I validated radio propagation models in ns3.



you will find a presentation. With all the math: wave length, system loss,
antenna gain, bolzmann constant, receiver noise, Nakagami model including
information how to interpret the results (e.g from SNR to Symbol Error Rate
(for QPSK, QAM, ...)

The presentation is completely generated: including source code for Nakagami
and so on. All you need is a C compiler and the GNU scientific library.

git clone http://git.jauu.net/wireless-propagation.git

If you understand the source - all your questions are answered. ;-)


PS: please don't get in touch with me. Try to understand the code, if you have
troubles please consider to buy a books?! ;-)

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