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Am 30.12.2012 21:30, schrieb dpreed at reed.com:
> One other point... you all probably don't know this, but shortly after 
> I posted my first results, Joe Touch decided that I should be "banned" 
> for arguing with the well-known troll, Richard Bennett, on this list.  
> Apperently, disagreement with a troll is not OK.  I am still moderated 
> (are you), and my every post scrutinzed for disagreement with Joe 
> Touch's views, apparently.

With respect to your implicit question: To the best of my knowledge, I'm 
not moderated.

I don't yet notice Richard Bennett, however I don't know, whether you 
implicitly would like to call me a troll here. If so, I couldn't help 
it. However, this shouldn't be the way, we treat each other.

What your disagreements with Joe Touch is concerned: I think, you should 
discuss this with Joe Touch.
> I did not report any of my further experimental results on this list 
> for that reason.  I discussed them in other fora - ones where Richard 
> Bennett could not disrupt conversations with his brand of 
> disparagement, mostly with people who could do something about the 
> issue (like Jim Gettys and folks in the DOCSIS world).

I never put in question your experimental results. Why should I?

When I ask questions to your results, it is my intention to understand 

> That could be why you have not seen further mention, very likely.

On the one hand, you well have my personal mail address, on the other 
hand, the situation you describe is a bit embarrassing. And I'm a bit 
unsure about how to react. (And I have to ask for some degree of 
tolerance here because English is not my first language and so I may 
well have missed quite some allusion or connotation "between the lines". 
If so, I have to apologize, I do not want to offend anybody.)

> The results of the vast Netalyzr measurements in their dataset 
> confirmed my observations about multiple seconds of uplink buffering 
> being common,, as did others' measurements.  The bufferbloat reduction 
> effort is now going forward based on Gettys, Jacobson, and Nichols 
> work, with Vint Cerf's assistance.

It is surely not my intention to criticize this work.

At least, as I can partly understand your frustration. In an earlier 
research project of mine, I pointed to the latencies in GPRS and no one 
believed my, anything was whitewashed and I was ridiculed at. To a 
certain degree, this still happens today.

This is particularly difficult when talking in foreign languages. (Not 
only in German an English. I'm born in lower saxony. And moved to 
Stuttgart some years ago. For lower saxons and swabians it well holds 
true what an austrian comedian once said about germans and swabians: 
What seperates the lower saxons from the swabians is the common 
language.)(At least for people from Hannover and Stuttgart, there are 
similarities. When you put together people from rural areas, you need an 

> It's very possible that Joe will not allow this message through.  
> However, it is possible that he might.  If so, that's great.  My posts 
> are still moderated, however, perhaps because Richard Bennett still is 
> viewed as an authority beyond his knowledge and experience.

I did not read your arguments with Richard Bennett and I don't think it 
will help anybody if I woule make comments on this issue.


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The nonsense that passes for knowledge around wireless networking,
even taught by "professors of networking" is appalling.  It's the
blind leading the blind. (D.P. Reed, 2012/12/25)

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