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Thu Sep 13 07:42:02 PDT 2012

The point you seem to miss is: There is no such thing as lucky design. You
get exactly what you want.

IPv6 was not deployed to co-exist with IPv4. A worldwide transition was
assumed. So they do not co-exist

Is the worldwide transition to IPv6 is a good thing?

It is assumed that the need for IP addresses is homogeneously distributed
over the world. In reality, some
entities need much less addresses than others. So worldwide transition to
IPv6 doesn't make sense.
The problem here is: You design a protocol, but you do not give the freedom
of choice to use this protocol.
Those who need it cannot use it. Because there are entities who do not need

Another problem with imposing the same protocol to the whole world is the
assumption that the product is
perfect for everybody. It is probably not. I don't want 6lowpan for my
sensor network for example because
the IP address is too large. I want IPv7 which defines very small IP
packets, for example. Who can say no?
I want to test IPv8 in my country. Who can say no?

IPv6 means: IP research is done forever. IPv6 is good for everyone. I am
sorry, this is impossible.

Who says that IETF has the role of designing IP versions for the entire
world? This is the most important problem.
I can design one and use it. Who will say no? I am happy with my IP and I
want to be reachable to the entire

IETF's role is to enable technology, i.e. all possible IP protocols.
Everybody do what they wish.

As I see, we should have a dynamic IP layer which allows all solutions, we
see what happens. Who knows everybody
may agree on the same version for some time, then disagree again.

The question is, without entering design challenges, is this what we want?
I seriously doubt that IETF did not
ask itself what it wants really. I questioned MANET for example, I told
that it is useless. No one could explain why
it is useful. Millions of dollar are being spent for MANET research.

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