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Pars Mutaf pars.mutaf at gmail.com
Thu Sep 20 00:21:52 PDT 2012

In summary, why MANET is a bad idea:

1. We need to reconstruct the infrastructure, otherwise MANET will only be
useful to talk to my neighborhood who have no idea what to do. I would
rather wait for real help instead of consuming my battery for trying to get
help from non-professional strangers.

This means that users really have no incentive to consume energy for others
because they are waiting for real help. And this is what they should do.

You can of course try to reach your neighbors for your broken leg, request
water from your non-professional neighbors or other things, but I am not
sure if this is a good idea. What real help they can provide?

2. If I am too far from the network I cannot reach anyone. Some people
suggested using long range wifi, but I don't have this in my pocket.


The balloons should be installed as fast as possible. It will broadcast an
address which everyone can call for real help.

This is really not a networking problem. It is about education.


I am also not sure if the cellular network is not robust enough, we may not
even need a balloon:

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