[e2e] Why do we need congestion control?

LOCHIN Emmanuel Emmanuel.LOCHIN at isae.fr
Wed Apr 3 08:49:53 PDT 2013

Le 03.04.2013 15:40, Detlef Bosau a écrit :
> And when the adaptation of an FEC scheme to an
> actual link noise situation is being done best at the radio 
> interface,
> where the noise situation is immediately known e.g. by observation 
> and
> assessment of a pilot signal, adaptation should be done there and not
> at the end points "200 ms later". Particularly, it does not make 
> sense
> to bother the whole network with the overhead of some extremely 
> strong
> FEC scheme because there is one flow which has to pass a noisy air
> interface.

Detlef, you now talk about link-layer FEC while at the beginning of 
this thread and following the subject, we talk about congestion control 
(i.e. at transport layer).
The erasure codes presented are based at the transport or application 
layers, for instance, to prevent retransmission due to big delay or to 
attempt to implement anarchical network proposals.


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