[e2e] VJCC vs. Keshav

Martin Heusse Martin.Heusse at imag.fr
Thu Apr 18 04:05:57 PDT 2013

NS2 simulates all that. 

So in you view CSMA/CA is "disgusting"? No less… ?


Le 18 avr. 2013 à 11:20, Detlef Bosau a écrit :

> Unfortunately, these nasty CSMA/CD Ethernets or these disgusting CSMA/CA WLANs or these horrible mobile networks dare not always to behave simulator compliant....
> Simulators are nice. However they are, to a certain degree, GIGO systems. (GIGO: Garbage In, Garbage Out.)
> This is not to criticize simulators, but to be aware of their limitations.
> How do we simulate CSMA/CD Ethernets with all gory details? I really don't know if this is possible at all.

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