[e2e] Codel and Wireless

Detlef Bosau detlef.bosau at web.de
Thu Dec 5 07:49:51 PST 2013

Am 04.12.2013 23:52, schrieb Andrew Mcgregor:
> CoDel has a definition of 'sojourn time', which is the way Van and Kathie
> defined it.  You're using a different definition, and therefore we are
> talking at cross purposes.
> The CoDel definition is equivalent to 'queue residence time'.  I don't know
> what you mean by 'sojourn time', 

Then you should have a look at an arbitrary text book on queueing theory.

Basically, the queueing residence time, you're talking about, and I had
a closer look at the CoDel code yeserterday so I know at least what
CoDel is talking about here, is simply not feasible to assess a links
load situation, particularly in mobile networks.

I succumbed to this fallacy myself - and it took me years to admit my

I've seen even PhD theses based on this nonsense, however in science we
should some day make a difference between truth and fallacy. And using
queueing times as a means for network load assessment is a fallacy.

Perhaps, I'm completely isolated with my position - I can't help it.

I have no academic affiliation and no academic contacts here in Germany,
so perhaps I'm about to completely ruin my reputation here, however to
my understanding, science deals with truth and error. And CoDel as a
means of queue management in wireless networks is an error.

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