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I don't have an data of bufferbloat for wireline access and the fiber connection that I have at home shows little evidence of bufferbloat.

Wireless access seems to be a different story though.
After reading the "Tackling Bufferbloat in 3G/4G Mobile Networks" by Jiang et al. I decided to make a few measurements of my own (hope that the attached png is not removed) 

The measurement setup was quite simple, a Laptop with Ubuntu 12.04 with a 3G modem attached. 
The throughput was computed from the wireshark logs and RTT was measured with ping (towards a webserver hosted by Akamai). The location is Luleå city centre, Sweden (fixed locations) and the measurement was made at lunchtime on Dec 6 2012 . 

During the measurement session I did some close to normal websurf, including watching embedded videoclips and youtube. In some cases the effects of bufferbloat was clearly noticeable. 
Admit that this is just one sample, a more elaborate study with more samples would be interesting to see.

3G has the interesting feature that packets are very seldom lost in downlink (data going to the terminal). I did not see a single packet loss in this test!. I wont elaborate on the reasons in this email.
I would however believe that LTE is better off in this respect as long as AQM is implemented, mainly because LTE is a packet-switched architecture.

Marks post.
[I tried to post this in a couple places to ensure I hit folks who would
 be interested.  If you end up with multiple copies of the email, my
 apologies.  --allman]

I know bufferbloat has been an interest of lots of folks recently.  So,
I thought I'd flog a recent paper that presents a little data on the
topic ...

    Mark Allman.  Comments on Bufferbloat, ACM SIGCOMM Computer
    Communication Review, 43(1), January 2013.

Its an initial paper.  I think more data would be great!



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