[e2e] bufferbloat paper

Detlef Bosau detlef.bosau at web.de
Mon Jan 14 06:07:55 PST 2013

Am 14.01.2013 12:31, schrieb Detlef Bosau:

> At least one aspect in TCP congestion control, particularly in 
> equation based flavours, is the frequently written nonsense of 
> estimating possible rates by the "latency bandwidth product", which 
> should be called "latency throughput product".
> So, the higher the latencies are, the higher the "bandwidth 
> estimators" will be => full buffers cause rates to increase.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^correction: CWND estimators.

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The nonsense that passes for knowledge around wireless networking,
even taught by "professors of networking" is appalling.  It's the
blind leading the blind. (D.P. Reed, 2012/12/25)

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