[e2e] Congestion control as a hot topic in IETF

Detlef Bosau detlef.bosau at web.de
Tue Mar 5 01:28:35 PST 2013

Am 04.03.2013 18:45, schrieb Bob Braden:
> I hope that people of this E2E list are reading the current thread on 
> the IETF list about choosing a
> new Transport Area director who is/is not an expert in congestion 
> control. Some of you have

Perhaps, this question is annoying and may even sound inadequate. 
However: What has congestion control to do with transport?

Or, in other words, should the IETF care for "TCP friendly DOS attacks" 
or for "TCP friendly ICMP storms"?

We should agree what congestion control is all about: Proper management 
of network resources. So basically, I would locate congestion control 
mechanisms in the network layer or even lower. The more I think about 
it, the more I ask whether it was a good decision to locate congestion 
control first in the transport layer and second strictly on the 
communication endpoints.

I'm expecting contradiction here, but I doubt these decisions.

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