[e2e] Historical question: Link layer flow control / silent discard

Joe Touch touch at isi.edu
Wed May 29 08:31:58 PDT 2013

On 5/28/2013 2:02 PM, John Day wrote:
> Just for the record and then I will let this discussion go on, but X.25
> was not at the core of the OSI Model.

FWIW, there was an implementation of ISO - ISODE (the ISO development 
environment). UPenn was snail-mailing out 9-track tapes and 8mm 
cassettes back in the early 90's when I was there. I still have one of 
the enamel pins.

It implemented layers 3-6, and could be configured to run over X.25 - 
thus the possible confusion that X.25 was its L2.


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