[e2e] Is the end to end paradigm appropriate for congestion control?

Detlef Bosau detlef.bosau at web.de
Wed Nov 13 07:38:02 PST 2013

Hi Manu,

Am 13.11.2013 13:58, schrieb Emmanuel Lochin:
> Hi Detlef,
> Such idea has already been proposed at the IETF'73 see
> http://www.brynosaurus.com/pub/net/logjam-slides-ietf73.pdf
> and I found the meeting minutes here:
> *http://www.ietf.org/proceedings/73/minutes/tsvarea.txt*
> It seems that this might introduce problem for secure communications
> in particular when using IPSec.

Actually my thoughts are quite similar - you pointed me to this work
quite some years ago.

One problem in this approach is the buffer sharing concept at switching
nodes - I'm not quite sure whether flow- and congestion-control of
adjacent segments are fully decoupled here, another problem is the use
of splitting PEP here.

We can work around the semantics problem of splitting PEP by introducing
an additional ACK in TCP, where the "normal" ACK works
for clocking and a second "End to End ACK" conveys the receiver's ACK to
the sender.

A really tough problem however would be caused by the extensive use of
splitting gatways and hence flow related state information on each node.
Does this really scale with a huge number of flows?

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