[e2e] Question the other way round:

Sergey Gorinsky sergey.gorinsky at imdea.org
Sat Nov 16 12:21:57 PST 2013

 Dear Vimal,

> Also, instead of one size fits all, you can have a hierarchical scheduler
> - At the top level, divide bandwidth in some fashion between class A and B
> - Class A has small buffers.
> - Class B has large buffers.
> - Flows that need low delay are directed to class A's queues.
> - Flows that need high throughput are directed to class B's queues.
> This way you can get a "bit" of both objectives while ensuring each class 
> gets a certain bandwidth guarantee.

  The RD (Rate-Delay) design gives a choice between two best-effort
services, one with low delay and the other with higher throughput:
"Leveraging the Rate-Delay Trade-off for Service Differentiation in
Multi-Provider Networks" by M. Podlesny and S. Gorinsky, IEEE Journal on
Selected Areas in Communications, 29(5), pp. 997-1008, May 2011,

  Thank you,


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