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Detlef Bosau detlef.bosau at web.de
Sat Nov 16 14:09:14 PST 2013

Am 16.11.2013 21:21, schrieb Sergey Gorinsky:
> http://fourier.networks.imdea.org/~sergey_gorinsky/pdf/JSAC_Leveraging_Rate-
> Delay.pdf
At a very first glance, I see a bunch of formulae.

I dealt with mobile networks for about 14 years now - and the major
lesson learned was: I don't believe in formulae.

(Or at least: Not too much.)

When I consider providing large buffers to enhance average throughput,
my focus are "last mile routers" for wireless access networks.
I.e. a very particular situation. My general attitude is: The major
purpose of networks is forwarding data from the sender to the receiver.
Not buffering it.

And with respect to links: The purpose of links and networks is to
provide service for the application. It's not the application's job to
utilize the network.

That's why I put our probing and congestion reaction in question because
my impression is, that in these strategies sometimes the tail wags the dog.

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