[e2e] Is the end to end paradigm appropriate for congestion control?

Joe Touch touch at isi.edu
Tue Nov 19 09:02:40 PST 2013

On 11/11/2013 11:19 PM, Jon Crowcroft wrote:
> don't see much to object to in your post - good question -
> the "in flight" or "outstanding packets" or "in the pipe"
> or whichever phrase you use for packets that
> aren't at least still mostly being serialised or de-serialised
> in a nic/transceiver at one or other end
> of a transmit/receive pair on a link....
> yes, i suspect these are a rare case in practice nowadays...
> back in the day, when testing VJCC on the internet in 87/88,
> one of the "interesting" cases was the
> SATNET which used geostationary satellites -

And Internet service is still provided over such satellites today 
(DirectPC in the US).

I'm not so sure I would write off in-flight packets; at common home 
speeds (5Mbps), a single packet is only 2.5ms, which is one packet ever 
700 miles in fiber. When I get stuff from the UK, that's roughly 15 
packets in flight - and that's over the ground (I picked the 
great-circle route, which is the shortest possible; actual fiber is 
probably at least 20%-50% longer).



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